Welcome to Resurrection!

Welcome to the little yellow church with the red roof on Eastwood Cutoff Road.

If you already have a church home, we encourage you to be fully engaged there, and we pray God’s blessings on you!  If you do NOT have a church family, we would like to invite you to come be part of ours.

We believe that God loves people with a love that is far deeper and higher and more enduring than we can even begin to imagine – that his love goes deeper than any of our failures ever could.

We believe that He initiates relationship with us.  That he invites us to come to him just as we are – and here’s the really GOOD news:  he promises not to leave us as he finds us!  When we give him permission, he begins to work in our hearts to make us into the persons he created us to be.

Folks at Resurrection are not perfect, and if you are, you’ll probably feel out of place!  But if you’ve ever been disappointed in yourself and the way you live and relate to people (and to God), or if you sometimes wonder if life shouldn’t hold something more than it does, then it’s likely you’ll feel right at home.

We are certain there’s a place for you at Resurrection.  If you would like more information, send our pastor an email at or just drop in some Sunday morning.  The celebration begins at 10:45!


Location:  16320 Eastwood Cutoff Road Louisville, KY